Welcome to SimplyWell! Are you the next success story in drug-free migraine relief?

This website is designed to be a resource for you as you reclaim your head and your life with the help of Mother Nature’s healing foods as outlined in the Simplywell Migraine Relief Protocol. The entire e-book is available for free to those who subscribe to my list, so be sure to do that to get the full download on the protocol and how you can implement it in your life for drug-free migraine relief.  This e-book will only be free for a limited time.

The Simplywell Migraine Relief Protocol is designed to balance the gut flora, reduce inflammation, improve electrolyte balance, support lymphatic health, and cleanse the gallbladder, liver, and kidneys.  A history of surgery, antibiotic and NSAID use, and pharmaceutical medications can all lead to histamine overload, aka, histamine intolerance.  This can manifest as a variety of symptoms, from bloating, indigestion, brain fog, chronic migraines, and constant low grade headaches. The protocol addresses these problems and helps your body to heal itself.

Many approaches to histamine intolerance focus on elimination of histamine triggering foods, which can lead to a very severely limited diet and a constant fear of food.  What makes the Simplywell Migraine Relief Protocol different is that it actually works to balance the body to reach a point where all foods can be eaten and reintegrated after the initial stabilization period.  This will be a great relief for people who have been eating very healthy and avoiding all of the trigger foods, but who, despite this, remain sick.

Please note that there are many different types of migraines with many different causes, and my e-book is just a personal account of how I healed from migraines.  That said, it’s encouraging to see that people with a variety of different migraine types are responding well to the protocol, indicating that while the manifestation of migraine may be different for many people, the underlying cause for many of them is the same.  We are also noticing that people who take meds to deal with their migraines only intermittently are responding much better to the protocol than those who rely on meds every single day to manage their migraines.



After Reading the E-book, Feel Free to Join the Simplywell Community

Suffering from any chronic and debilitating condition can be very isolating.  I’ve created a Facebook group to serve as a point of community and connection, so please come on over and join here if you feel called! https://www.facebook.com/groups/SimplywellProtocol
Please note that this FB group is not a place to get free and ongoing one-on-one consultation. I am available for one-on-one consultation should you need it.  The FB group is a place to share research and experience with those who are actually using the protocol and exploring drug-free migraine relief options.

I am very excited by the community of folks doing their self-healing work and sharing what they’re learning as part of a folk medicine movement. In the process of healing ourselves and coming together with our insights, we can be more resourced, less isolated, and get exposed to fresh perspectives in our individual healing journeys. This is truly grassroots, crowd-sourced healthcare from the folks.  People who take responsibility for their health are more resourced when they see healthcare professionals, making their care truly integrative and more successful.

We Can Change the Culture of Medicine as it is Practiced Today

The intelligence of plants, the intelligence of the body, our level of tender loving self-care, our spiritual practices, our experiments and observations, and the level of community support we choose to receive and give are what really heal us.  Let’s start giving these aspects of healing some more credit, and question the tendency to hand our power over, often desperately, to a medical industrial complex that is in many cases making us or keeping us sick through suppressive medications with their attendant range of so-called “side-effects”.

In my case, my migraine headaches were an actual “side-effect” of medications I received during and after a c-section operation.  These medications led to me reaching a threshold point of compromise that my body could no longer handle after a cumulative lifetime of various other pharmaceutical assaults.  Experts will discuss and argue the causes of migraine headaches.  I know that antibiotics, anesthesia, opiates, and acetaminophen were mine.  It is well known that a huge range of medications suppress Diamine Oxidase (DAO), one of the enzymes needed to break down histamine.  Many medications also steal vital nutrients from the body needed to make these enzymes (what pharmacist Suzy Cohen calls “Drug Muggers”). You cannot solve a problem with the same mentality that created it.

We can start empowering ourselves to change our culture of medicine by doing research, asking the right questions before taking medications, and calling for use of more accurate terminology when it comes to these effects of medications, which are actually “systemic effects” – not “side effects”.

Because so many of us are dealing with chronic systemic inflammatory conditions, the time has come to explore truly holistic health care approaches that are gentle and natural. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my healing journey, it is that better alternatives ALWAYS exist.  We just have to be willing to find them, try them, and make empowered choices.  It took me 2.5 years of daily research and experimentation to find the alternative that gave me a life of drug-free migraine relief. Mother Nature’s humble roots and fruits have been the key.

I offer this gift to you and wish you the best of success as you try the protocol.
Are you the next success story in plant-based, drug-free migraine relief?
Please let me know if you are so I can feature your story for others to be inspired by!

Blessings, love, and light!

Marya Gendron is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist and health coach specializing in chronic migraine headache relief and alleviation of brain fog, indigestion, and histamine intolerance through plant-based solutions. She practices out of Portland, Oregon. In January of 2016, Marya healed herself of chronic debilitating migraine headaches caused by pharmaceutical medications she received after a c-section operation. Her life purpose is to educate people about broader health-care and self-care options through promotion of specific fabulous medicinal foods that have been forgotten or ignored. She is actively trying to form a Folk Medicine movement to transform the culture of suppresive and poisonous medications to one of holistic health accomplished through an educated, pro-active, and mutually-supportive community.


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Simplywell Migraine Protocol
I feel like a new person. I have more energy and I no longer feel like migraines run my life. The other day as an experiment I drank a beer (alcohol is a guaranteed migraine trigger for me), and I did not get a migraine. Of course, I have no intentions of pushing that but it was a great confirmation that true healing is occurring.